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In my personal blog, Café Mystra, I am sharing my inspirations and thoughts on design, interior, fulfilling lifestyle and more. It is all about things I like and help me to make everyday life more beautiful. It is all about preferences, taste, choices, relationships, home decoration, attire - my way of life.

Our life is a never-ending learning curve: to get to know and understand ourselves and the world around us.
I fully believe that the quality of our life is not only about the money we have in our pocket, but rather the way we see the world, the relationships we have with others, the beauty we find in our surroundings. The attention, carefulness and mindfulness will bring pleasure, style and quality into our life. That's what I intend to  reflect in the posts and the entire blog.

I strongly believe that our personal surroundings influence our quality of life, and vice versa, our milieu reflects our thoughts and soul.

In posts about home decoration and design I focus on British and Scandinavian style as these meet particularly my taste. I highly respect all the stylists and photographers who provide us with heartwarming shots day by day.

In lifestyle posts I would like to provide inspiration to get to know a bit more who we really are and reassure to live our best life that we have envisioned for ourselves.
I have posts on family life, including kids room decoration and parenting.
I also share my travel adventures, favorite books and music.
I am constantly seeking and sharing fashion inspiration, encouraging all of us to find and express our signature style.

I always insert the link to the source of the topic if it is not my own. Please do the same with a link pointing here if you wish to take over something from me.

Everything I put in the blog, whether it is a product, brand or anything else, is because I like it and not because I am paid for that.

I am writing in Hungarian and translate most of the posts into English briefly. If you are interested in any of other contents just please let me know and I will be happy to translate those, too. :-)

Thank you for stopping at Café Mystra for a few minutes, hope you enjoy the visit and will come back soon!



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